Charlie Harris Collecting Station, Columbus, IN 8/30/11

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 19:00
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Charlie Harris is an Indiana horse trader, who frequents auctions across Indiana & Kentucky. He made the news in August 2011 when he purchased a severely emaciated and strangles infested former race horse at the Sligo Auction.  “Dance Madam” had her last race at River Downs only a month before she was dumped at the sale. Harris finally agreed to sell her to a rescue. When she arrived there on August 15, she was covered in bite marks and severely dehydrated. -brink-of-survival

Investigators arrived at the collecting station at 9:49 AM. There was little activity and approximately 15 horses were in two pens on both sides of the residence. 5 of the horses were very thin.  The horses had access to small amounts of hay, and there were water buckets in the pens, but several were turned over. A red Dodge pickup and stock trailer was parked next to the house. The property appeared run down with a barn at the rear of the premises. Investigators could not determine if there were any horses in the barn, but at 11:45 AM, the pickup and trailer backed up to the barn. At 2:00 PM, the same red Dodge and stock trailer was observed at the Haley horse auction in Rushville.