Charlie Harris Collecting Station, Columbus, IN 7/13/13

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 10:45
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Investigators returned to the horse collecting station of slaughter-buyer Charlie Harris.  Animals’ Angels first visited Charlie Harris’ property in 2011 after he gained notoriety by attempting to sell emaciated Thoroughbreds at the Sligo Auction.  (  He is known to frequent the Shipshewana and Rushville auctions.  During this follow-up visit, investigators immediately noticed that the outside pens were completely empty.  Attached to the wire fence was a bright yellow sign that read, “Warning Disease Prevention Program Do Not Enter”.  The entire property appeared overgrown, and ill-tended.   

A pinto pony and a grey horse were the only horses observed inside Harris’ decaying barn.  Both were fairly thin, but did have access to a mediocre-quality round bale of hay.  One broken water bucket was visible, and it appeared empty.  In addition to the poor physical condition of the barn, was the stench of manure and urine.  The horses were standing on more than 2 feet of compost, which engulfed the barn so much that it also poured out of the gated entrance.  It is unknown if another water source was available inside the barn.

Investigators will continue to monitor this collecting station.