Charles Carter Feedlot, Kersey, CO 12/28/11

Monday, January 23, 2012 - 10:30
Investigation Category: 

When investigators arrived at the feedlot they noted that a lot of   natural gas drilling and fracking had begun around the property. Most of the pens were dug up and not able to hold any horses. We saw 4 horses in one pen at the southwest part of the property and 3 more in a pen that was surrounded by black webbing around the pipe fencing. It appears that Carter is keeping the majority of his horses at a different location. When checking the southeast area it was noted that there were at least 4 llamas in a pen that was completely dug up. The beige Peterbuilt was the only truck on the premises and it was hooked to a double deck trailer. It is unknown if the property has been sold or not, since it is no longer listed and all sale signs have been removed. Animals Angels will continue to monitor this property.