Centre Hall Horse Sale, PA 1/27/12

Monday, February 13, 2012 - 13:15
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AA investigators attended the monthly horse sale in Centre Hall, PA. There were approx 250 horses present at the sale, of which only 120 were included in the sales catalogue. Inside the barn, all the horses were tied individually and had access to hay. However, no water was available. Several horses were quite thin. Slaughter buyers Bruce Rotz and Brian Moore were present, both had brought their tractor trailers. The work horse sale started at 2:00pm. Two draft horses that entered the ring were limping and offered for $10.00, but nobody bought them. Brian bought several of the horses in the $100.00 - $375.00 range. The auctioneer advertised several horses as having “interstate papers”. The handling observed was fairly good, all horses were led into the auction ring individually.