Centennial Livestock Auction, Fort Collins, CO 7/20/11

Friday, August 19, 2011 - 19:00
Investigation Category: 

Investigators arrived at the auction at 10:00am. The outdoor holding pens contained plenty of food and water, but the indoor holding pens had neither.  In an outdoor goat pen, a black goat was seen unable to bear any weight on its rear right leg and it had difficulties to move around the pen.  In an outdoor calf pen, a calf less than 30 days old was completely blind in its left eye, and had haziness in its right eye.  All calves in this particular pen were under one month old, with two appearing to be less than 36 hours old (one even having remnants of a fresh  umbilical cord).  Two goats in the indoor pens were extremely thin, with all bones clearly visible.  The handling of most animals was performed humanely with paddles, but for 3 exceptions.  A group of 4 goats was unloaded and not cooperating with two of the handlers.  Losing their patience, one handler grabbed 2 of the goats by one rear leg, completely lifting them off the ground.  The other handler grabbed 2 of the goats by one front leg, also completely lifting them off the ground.  The handler which had the goats by the rear leg, then threw the goats on the concrete flooring. Later, a group of young pigs was unloaded and being moved with paddles.  One of the pigs tried to run away and the handler picked it up by one hind leg in the same manner as the goats prior.  The pig squealed, and was also thrown to the concrete ground. This same young handler was also observed picking a young sheep up by its ear, lifting it completely off the ground, and then throwing the sheep into a group of other sheep.

20 horses were present at the sale.  Investigators observed one chestnut TB mare with two bowed front tendons.  This mare had hay/straw packed on its rump on what appeared to be a wound, and had several fresh, bleeding scrapes on her legs.  She had shoes on, but her hooves had overgrown them. In the same pen was also a bay TB gelding with several fresh, bleeding scrapes on his legs.  A group of six horses were all brought in together and were all very thin. Among them was a bay mare with nursing foal. She was extremely thin (1-2 on BCS), with her ribs/spine prominent. Animals Angels will continue to monitor the facility.