Centennial Livestock Auction, CO 10/20/10

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 11:45
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Investigators arrived at the auction premises at 1200. Investigators noticed one goat that was lame on a rear left leg which it appeared occurred in the pen because it was extremely overcrowded. There were several calves with running noses, however, the auction veterinarian refused to check on them because they were slaughter calves. In the horse pen, investigators observed several thin horses and a mare with her rear fetlocks very dropped. Two TB mares were brought in from Nebraska by persons who were not the owners and they refused to sign the Health Certificates. Kill Buyer C. Carter purchased all of them. On this day 1,200 sheep, 800 goats, 120 pigs, 16 calves, 38 dairy cows and 27 horses were sold.