Centennial Auction, Fort Collins, CO 7/21/10

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 08:30
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At this weekly auction, all the horses had access to clean water and hay. However, none of the 52 pigs and approx. 900 sheep and goats had any water in their pens. In one of the pens, investigators observed a young alpaca with a broken hind leg. It was holding the leg up and could not put any weight on it. The investigators pointed the distressed animal out to the auction veterinarian, who checked on it. The animal did not go through the sale and the owner was told to pick the animal up and get veterinary care for the injury. Charles Carter, local kill buyer, was observed buying 16 horses. Immediately after the sale ended at 4:25pm, he loaded all of them on his stock trailer and left. Carter ships several times a week to the slaughter plants in Mexico.