Cedar Ridge Farm Louisa VA 5/19/19

Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 09:17
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Jessie Austin, d/b/a/ Cedar Ridge Farm has been in the slaughter horse business for a very long time. Starting out as a supplier for the Canadian plants, Austin has been long known to frequent horse auctions In Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee. While the company no longer supplies horses to the plants, they still buy a large number of horses for resale to private individuals as well as known kill buyers. Animals’ Angels research shows that Austin provides horses to Tennessee kill buyer Jason Sexton and that horses bought by Austin at the New Holland Auction end up at Benavides slaughter horse export pen in Eagle Pass, TX. By the time the horses arrive at the export pen, they have traveled a staggering 1900 miles and spent approx. 30 hours inside a packed trailer. Public documents confirm that Sexton loads up to 44 horses inside a single deck trailer heading down to Eagle Pass, one can only image what these horses - already weakened from the previous transports - have to endure.

Cedar Ridge Farm LLC. also operates its own trucking company (DOT #1729608) and his truck can be found at the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania every Monday. It is a common occurrence to see his trailer, already partially loaded with horses, parked in the lot for hours in 90˚Fahrenheit. New Holland Auction is also where Austin connects with other horse traders like Gene Sweigart and shows resale horses to potential customers.

Cedar Ridge Farm is based in the quaint village of Louisa, VA. The farm is a large, well maintained facility with a modern barn, an office and private residence. There are extensive pastures which are partially wooded. A sizable trailer park with various trailers for sale sits in front of the office. Animals’ Angels investigators have visited the premises several times, last on May 19, 2019.

There is never much to report, usually there are only a few horses visible on the extensive pastures. However, this idyllic setting and low-key appearance can’t hide the fact that Jesse Austin has and continues to make a good living on the backs of thousands of horses he shipped/caused to ship to a dire fate.