Cecil White Collecting Station, Welch, OK 7/3/13

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 10:45
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Cecil White is a kill buyer who started shipping horses to Presidio, TX some time ago and now ships several loads a month to the Camargo Plant in Mexico for slaughter.  The plant pays White .44 cents a pound.   

Cecil White is also the owner of Welch Livestock Auction, which serves as a collecting station for his slaughter horses.  

White is also linked to White’s Equine Sales in Diamond, MO and holds a horse sale there as well.

When investigators arrived at White's collecting station in Welch they noted there were approximately 100 to 150 horses in outdoor pens adjacent to the auction. There was no shelter of any kind.  Individual pens had hay and automatic waterers. 

All of the horses appeared to be in good condition, very few were thin.  Some still had auction tags attached. 

There was a black truck and a single deck trailer belonging to Parrish Horse Company parked in the parking lot.  This truck has been observed in Presidio numerous times and we assume that White uses this company to haul horses to Presidio since he does not have his own trucks.

Although our investigators monitored the location for some time, there was no activity.