Carter Slaughter Horse Feedlot, CO 8/26/07

Sunday, August 26, 2007 - 15:00
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The Animals’ Angels inspectors observe the loading of approximately 40 horses at the main collecting feedlot for “slaughter” horses in Colorado. The feedlot contains over 100 horses, several in poor condition. The loading is rough with direct hits to the heads of the horses. The inspectors trail the horses the 850 miles to Cavel Slaughterhouse in DeKalb, Illinois. Driving time is 19 hours and by the time the horses are unloaded at the slaughterhouse, the sole-driver is awake over 25 hours violating the Department of Motor Vehicle guidelines for commercial truck drivers. The horses were provided with no water, feed or break during the entire journey. Animals’ Angels will report this violation to the authorities as it poses not only a risk to the welfare of the animals involved but also the general American public on our busy roadways