Carter Horse Collecting Station, CO 8/19/09

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - 08:00
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Animals’ Angels visited a feedlot/collecting station outside of Kersey, CO, rented by “kill” buyer Charles Carter. Upon arrival, the investigators observed several pens containing between 100 – 150 horses, four trucks, 2 of which appeared new, and five trailers. Two of the trucks were hooked up to two double deck trailers, indicating an impending shipment. The property is in a rural area and partially obscured by a privacy fence and trees. Several dogs were seen roaming the property. The pens set back off the road approximately 300-400 yards. Of note, the investigators went to Mr. Carter’s previous location but it appeared to have been abandoned by him long ago. The Kersey location is much more secluded and isolated. This property is very well suited if someone wished to hide something.