Canadian Premium Meats Inc., Lacombe, AB; 8/31/16

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 09:15
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Canadian Premium Meats is a registered horse slaughter plant in Canada (Registration # 657) approved for export of horse meat to the European Union. The plant slaughters cattle, bison, deer and horses and is also approved for ritual slaughter (Halal and Kosher).  The slaughter plant originally opened in 2007.

Per information received from plant management, the plant slaughters horses only once a week. The plant slaughters approximately 100 to 150 horses each week and many of them are of US origin. The plant starts slaughtering activities at 7:00 am.

Animals’ Angels investigators returned to the plant to determine if the same suppliers observed in 2013 were still providing horses to the plant. Upon arrival, it was noted that the plant was already quite busy and the parking lot was full of vehicles. Several refrigerated trailers were backed up to the loading docks.

No horse transports were observed arriving during the entire day Animals’ Angels was on site, and no animals were unloaded or moved. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this location.