Broken Arrow Wild Horse & Burro Holding Facility, Fallon, NV; 7/19/16

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 08:30
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This BLM Short-Term Holding facility is privately owned and operated and can hold up to 2,850 wild horses. According to the BLM’s website, the 320-acre property contains 36 large holding pens, each capable of holding approximately 100 horses.

During our last visit at this location, our investigators were reminded of the Bouvry feedlots in Canada, as the set-up was much like a feedlot and the lethargic horses lying flat on their sides were remarkably similar.  At that time, the pens were crowded and no shelter was available in the majority of them. In addition, during that investigation, a series of six gunshots had been heard coming from the pen area, but out of sight.  We returned to this facility to see if conditions had changed since our last visit.

Investigators arrived at the Broken Arrow Wild Horse Holding Facility at 10:00 am on July 19, 2016 and found that the horses were housed in the pens towards the rear of the facility. A good deal of time was spent maneuvering along the perimeter to observe both the horses and the activity of the workers.

No obviously distressed or injured horses were noted in the viewing area. There was hay in the feeders where the horses were held and all of the animals were readily eating.  All of the horses were a good weight.  

Still deeply concerning is the fact that there was no shelter observed whatsoever even though temperatures were in the high 80’s and quickly climbing. 

However, investigators noted that water sprinklers located on poles were running. It was not clear if the sprinklers were running in order to keep down the copious amounts of dust or to cool off the horses.

What was clear, however, is that the facility had apparently invested in security as holding personnel were walking the perimeter area as well as the fence lines, appearing to monitor the premises.

Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this location.