Bill Richardson Collecting Station, Whitesboro, TX 3/2/13

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 14:00
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Animals’ Angels investigators arrived at the collecting station at 8:00am. The large property has several barns and extensive pastures. It appears that several businesses operate at the location. A large sign “Bill Richardson Quarter Horses” was visible. There were approx. 20 horses visible in the front pens, gathered around a bale of hay. Others were laying down next to a large pile of manure. Several green tags were visible. A few of the horses caught the interest of the investigators, they were holding their heads low and continued to close their eyes. One had yellow discharge around his nostrils. They matched the colors of the rejects that were observed the night before on Richardson’s truck returning from the Presidio export pens. However, since it had been too dark to photograph them inside the trailer, it could not be determined with certainty that they really were the same horses. All other horses visible appeared to be in average condition. A new semi with no DOT number was parked next to the entrance. Investigators observed the premises throughout the day, but there was no more activity.