Beltex Slaughter Horse Feedlot - 8/21/09

Friday, August 21, 2009 - 17:30
Investigation Category: 

Animals’ Angels investigators returned to the Beltex feedlot outside of Morton, TX to check if any improvement of the facility is noticeable. Animals’ Angels filed several complaints about the feedlot in 2008 regarding insufficient composting and operating without a permit. At the composting area located in the rear of the property some horse bones were exposed to view, but no horse parts or carcasses were found. It appears that the feedlot is now in compliance with composting standards. Inside the still unsheltered pen area were approximately 700 horses and an unknown number of bison.  The investigators saw an employee beating a horse with a stick. The investigators called out and the employee stopped and went through the pens. Additionally, they observed several emaciated horses as well as horses with fresh forehead injuries, most likely obtained during transport on a double deck trailer. Such injuries are common, because the trailer designed for cattle transport do not offer enough head room for horses. Unfortunately, it is still not illegal to transport horses in this inhumane manner. How many more accidents have to happen on US roadways and how many more horses have to be injured or killed during transport before USDA acts and improves the existing regulations? All trailers Animals’ Angels saw arriving at the Morton feedlot were double decks. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this facility.