Beltex Feedlot, Morton TX 3/9/12

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 15:45
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Animals’ Angels investigators returned to the Beltex feedlot outside Morton, TX to check if improvements to the facility are noticeable.  Many of the pens were empty and all the horses were contained in pens close to the front of the premises. 

The composting area had grown since the last visit. Hundreds of horse bones, and even an entire horse leg, were exposed and in view, but no entire horse carcasses were seen. 

The horses had a 4-digit painting scheme on their sides (as seen on many horses at the Socorro export pens), with many painted numbers reflecting the number on the slaughter tag.  Other horses had been painted multiple times, and/or had painted numbers which did not coincide with the slaughter tags.  Investigators believe these horses have been rejected for some reason, and the horses will continue to be re-numbered until they no longer get rejected and ship to slaughter.  The Beltex ‘bell brand’ was visible on many of the horses as well.

Many horses were in poor condition (thin, head injuries, swollen knees, emaciated).  There seemed to be plenty of food and water, but the pens still do not provide any shelter to the horses from the elements. Investigators will continue to monitor this feedlot.