Belleville Auction, PA 7/25/07

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 15:00
Investigation Category: 

The Animals’ Angels inspectors are present at the Belleville auction. It is a very hot day and temperatures inside the old wooden barn are as high as 104°F. Especially the dairy cows have trouble dealing with the heat; the Animals’ Angels inspectors observe several downed animals with huge udders, panting heavily. The inspectors attend the poultry auction. Hundreds of birds piled on top of each other in tiny paper boxes or plastic cages are auctioned. Some birds desperately try to stick their heads out of the box in order to get some air. People are throwing boxes, falling over boxes and sitting on boxes full of animals.

Outside in the parking lot, there are approx. 50 Amish buggies with horses. Since early morning, the horses are “parked” in front of the auction – without food, water or even shelter against the sun. Many of them are nothing but bones.
The Animals’ Angels inspectors are highly concerned about the conditions for the animals at this market and will continue to monitor it.