Aldi Switzerland Stops Selling Horse Meat Due to Animals' Angels Campaign

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 09:15
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We have some great news to share with everyone -- the Swiss retailer ALDI, a grocery chain that is well known all over the world, has informed Animals' Angels and our coalition partners that they will no longer carry horse meat products in their stores.

A large vendor, the Aldi chain had a contract to obtain their horse meat products from the Canadian plant in Richelieu, Quebec, so this is another blow to the Canadian horse slaughter industry. Aldi's decision was made as a direct result of our EU campaign where footage from AA’s trailing of a load of horses from kill buyer Bruce Rotz to Richelieu in January was shown.

Aldi was the last of the Swiss retailers to fold -- we're thrilled to say that now ALL Swiss retailers have stopped selling American horse meat. Aldi's has advised us that they will sell off the horse meat products that are still in their Swiss stores now, but they will not order anything new. This is excellent news for our horses indeed!