Winchester Livestock Exchange, Winchester, VA 5/21/12

Monday, May 21, 2012 - 13:30
Investigation Category: 

Investigators arrived and immediately noticed a large, well maintained, modern auction barn with a catwalk overseeing the entire pen area.  This auction barn has a large intake area, designed to make trailer-to-pen delivery easy.  Water was available in the majority of the pens.  A very well designed round cattle chute is leading to the scale behind the auction ring entrance, which ensures smooth movement of the cattle in a high-stress area.  Some face hitting was observed with wands, but the overall handing was calm and acceptable.  The electric prod was observed being used once, while flags, sticks and hands appeared to be the main method of movement.  Most of the angus cows were in excellent condition, although investigators did note several emaciated dairy cows in two of the pens. Only few goats and pigs were present, as this weekly auction has special lamb, sheep and goat sales.

Investigators will continue to monitor this auction.