Timpas Cattle Feedlot, La Junta, CO 4/25/14

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 11:45
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The Timpas Feedyard, located just outside of La Junta, CO, appears to deal only with cattle. Timpas is a large feeding operation directly off Highway 50. Our investigators visited this location on Friday, April 25th.   Not surprisingly, the property had a typical feedlot layout with barren, dirt covered pens each containing large concrete feed troughs. There was absolutely no shelter protecting the cattle from rain, heat, or other harsh elements.


Investigators noted that some of the pens were extremely crowded. No obvious injuries could be seen, however, the cows appeared very lethargic; some lying flat on their side for long periods of time. Upon closer inspection, the investigators determined that all cattle present were Holstein cows. After monitoring the feedlot for some time no distress was witnessed in any of the cows, the only issue appearing to be the extreme lethargy.