Shipshewana Auction, IN 10/6/10

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 11:30
Investigation Category: 

Upon the investigators arrival, they observed a young goat that was down but alive. At 1000, the investigators brought the goat’s condition to the attention of two auction employees. One employee admitted that she was very weak when it arrived earlier in the morning. However, the employees informed the investigators that the goat would still go through the sale at 1430, four and half hours later. The investigators offered to purchase the goat immediately in order to get her medical attention; however, the employees reiterated that the goat would go through the sale. The young goat died in the arms of one of the investigators at 1152.

In one of the back pens investigators found a dead cow. Another cow was put in the same pen, she was down and had a bleeding injury to her rear leg. It was obvious no medical attention had been provided. She appeared unable to stand and was licking the ground in need of water. Investigators spoke with several employees, but no one was willing to discuss the cows. Late that afternoon, the cow was still alive; however, no one from the auction had paid any attention to her. Animals' Angels has reported this incident.