Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 9/7/10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 15:00
Investigation Category: 

Animals' Angels met with representatives of the PA Department of Agriculture/ Division Animal Health to discuss their ongoing investigation of Greencastle auction. AA investigators have visited this auction since 2007 and have recorded multiple incidents of animal cruelty, such as downer cows being moved with bob cats & downer cows left to die at auction dead pile. However, the local humane officer, who had been in charge of the auction until early 2010, was also a customer of the auction and refused to take any enforcement action. As soon as Animals' Angels learned that this humane officer was no longer attending the auction, the Department of Agriculture was contacted to request a meeting with them and the new humane officer.  The evidence presented during the meeting convinced everybody that the conditions for animals at the auction & the handling of the animals are unacceptable. Immediately afterwards, the auction owner was contacted by the Department of AG and a visit was scheduled. Animals' Angels was informed that Greencastle auction management had agreed to improve the situation. We will continue to monitor the location to ensure that this really happens.