New Holland Auction, PA 2/2/10

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - 19:00
Investigation Category: 

Among the dairy cows being sold for slaughter AA investigators found a Holstein with a severe injury to the hind foot and leg. The cow was unable to bear weight on the leg and was in obvious pain, which should have prevented employees from accepting her for the sale. In our experience, once auctioned a cow in her condition would very likely be trampled to death during transport.

Investigators contacted the humane officer and the auction manager, recommending that the suffering animal be euthanized, which was done immediately. The incident shows the need for better supervision of employees during unloading, as well as the need for the auction veterinarian to be more proactive in the timely euthanization of suffering animals. Animals’ Angels is working to determine who brought the cow in such deplorable condition to market and the information about the incident has been forwarded to the District Attorney.