Meeting With Pennag Industries & PA Center For Dairy Excellence, Harrisburg, PA 8/2/11

Monday, August 8, 2011 - 21:45
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Animals’ Angels Executive Director, Sonja Meadows, met with the Executive Vice-President, Chris Herr, of the PennAg Industries Association and the Executive Director, John Frey, of the Center for Dairy Excellence to discuss the treatment of dairy cows at Pennsylvania auctions and the implementation of a Downer Cow Manual developed by Animals’ Angels. Ms Meadows shared her observations from PA auctions and explained existing issues and concerns. The Downer Cow Manual addresses all these concerns and provides information for auction management about how to prevent, handle and treat a downer cow.

All parties agreed that such a manual would be beneficial. Mr. Herr and Mr. Frey desired to review the information presented by Animals’ Angels and to schedule follow up meetings. Ms. Meadows expressed cautious optimism about the meeting and said it was productive on several points and with the cooperation of all parties it would dramatically improve the conditions that downer cows currently experience at the auctions.