Meeting with Escalon Auction, CA 6/1/10

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 11:00
Investigation Category: 

We are pleased that some of our earlier suggestions such as the euthanasia protocol have been implemented. Conditions of the bird sale and loading area have improved significantly. Still needed are improvements in handling. Dragging by ears and tails, moving downer cows is unacceptable. Management agreed to have AA provide a written list of improvements, and to subsequently hold a meeting with all employees and inform them of required handling improvements.  Among these will be: A “slow pen” for high risk cows will be made available, which will be spacious, with shelter and access to water. If an animal becomes a downer, it will be euthanized on the spot in a timely manner. Dragging by ears and tails is prohibited. An auction yard animal welfare manager will stay in close contact with AA and compliance will be monitored closely. We felt that management at Escalon was genuinely interested in trying to improve conditions and the welfare of animals that are associated with their auction. If they continue along these lines it will make a difference for thousands of animals each year.