Greencastle Auction, PA 6/8/09

Monday, June 8, 2009 - 04:15
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Animals’ Angels investigators visited the weekly auction in Greencastle. The sales consisted of cows, calves, sheep, pigs and goats. Goat handling was unacceptable. Goats were moved by repeated hitting with a walking cane, pulling their ears and horns. The calves were loaded on trucks bound for immediate slaughter. One auction worker conducted the despicable act of urinating on a calf. Many cows showed signs of heat stress, heavy panting and foaming at the mouth.The cows located in the outside, “slow” pen were in deplorable shape. All of them were limping and many had severe mastitis, full udders with milk dripping, and bad hooves. 

One cow had a tight metal chain around its neck. One cow was laying flat on her side, completely weakened. Animals’ Angels will continue to press for better conditions with auction management and continue to monitor the auction.