Escalon Auction, CA 5/21/10-5/28/10

Friday, May 21, 2010 - 10:45
Investigation Category: 


Investigators did not observe electric prods being used on calves on this visit. Loading area and ramp now have non-slip rubber mats, preventing cows from falling as they are loaded and unloaded. Area for the bird sale is now both sheltered and has better air flow. Most cages have small cups with fresh water for the birds. A euthanasia program has been implemented, with one trained employee present at the auction at all times for emergencies.
Still existing areas of concern:
No water is provided. Cows are crammed into very crowded pens. Weak calves and goats are carried by their tails and ears. A very emaciated Holstein collapses in the alley behind the auction ring. Electric prods are used to make her rise and walk. Another cow goes down in auction ring. A skid loader (Bobcat) is used to move cow out of ring. Several cows in extremely poor condition, some on three legs, hobbling through the alleys