Centennial Livestock & Horse Auction, Fort Collins, CO 4/23/14

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 09:30
Investigation Category: 

Investigators arrived at the weekly livestock auction at 12:30pm. It appeared to be a slow sale day since the majority of the vast pen area was empty and there were only 10 horses present. One of them, a small grey pony was severely foundered and underweight. His entire condition indicated neglect, since his hooves were overgrown as well. Investigators also noted a thin, approximately 18 year old, dark bay gelding with a bleeding hip injury and a black Percheron-Cross with overgrown hooves. All other horses were in acceptable condition.

All pens that were holding animals had access to hay and water. Several of the goats were in the final stages of their pregnancies. One of them apparently had given birth at the auction, since the afterbirth was still attached and the baby was less than six hours old. The baby goat wasn't the only baby at the sale, several of the calves were only a few days old with their umbilical cords still attached. Investigators watched when the pregnant goats were being moved through the ring, several of them were severely limping and struggling.

Kill buyer Jason Fabrizius arrived at 1:32pm with his gold colored Dodge and stock trailer. At 2:27pm, the calf and cow sale started. At 3:15pm, the horse sale started. Jason purchased 8 horses bidding under #83 and #315, a number linked to kill buyer Charles Carter. Among them were the foundered pony ($165) and the 1445lbs heavy, Percheron-Cross ($751). 10 horses sold in 11.5 minutes. After the sale, Fabrizius immediately backed up to the loading ramp. After unloading a group of cattle, he loaded his purchases and left the premises.