Carlisle Auction, PA 8/14/07

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 - 12:30
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Animals’ Angels Inspectors visited the Carlisle, PA animal auction. Auction business was slow this evening, with a smaller than usual number of animals in evidence. Horses were seen here for the first time, with five undernourished horses and ponies sold. We noted 12 dairy cows in poor condition. Despite the fact that there is a water system in place, none of the calves, pigs or sheep had available water. One younger worker was seen whacking cows with excessive force over the backbone to move them along. They were already moving, just not fast enough for him. Unnecessarily brutal handling of four young pigs by Amish buyers was observed, with the pigs being dragged across the parking lot by the hind legs and up into a truck. In this instance, even the auction workers appeared disgusted with this show of apparent distain for the animals involved. One can only imagine what sort of existence awaits them now.