From Our Supporters

Max, New Hampshire


Your team are indeed Animal Angels - and I as an individual have seen the terrific accomplishments that you all have made, dealing with all the horrendous injustices done to the animals - from the horses to the chicken. I for one am so thankful - I have tried to do my share all my life, but never have done what I really wanted to do, and I am so glad that someone has the guts to go up against the hateful cruelty out there everywhere.



Vicki, Ohio 


I read your "Successes" section tonight and was so happy to see your many accomplishments.  They are issues I feel very passionate about and you've made such great progress in the past couple of years!  Thank you for your resolve and for your compassion for every living thing.  I will continue to donate as long as you continue to fight cruelty.



Christine, Texas  

Please keep up the good work.  You have brought to light so many things that once one is aware of, it fundamentally changes a person.  I honestly had no idea of the horse slaughter and conditions at these auctions, plants, and pharmaeutical companies.  Thank you for the tireless efforts and please know they are not in vain.  I am not sure if I would be capable of seeing theses things in person and being able to still function and do good work.  I appreciate how hard and dangerous it is for investigators to do and I am so grateful such amazing and strong people can speak for the ones with no voice.  Thank you and God bless.




Mari, Wisconsin  

I so admire all you do. I am almost age 76 and have been fighting this fight from my computer for 14 years; however, I am a rescuer of horses, sheep, dogs and donkeys. But,  if I would have known 30 years ago, what I know now, I would be working out in the field as you all do. I have the greatest admiration for your investigations that uncover abuse.                                                                                                                                                               ​​

Lisa, New York  

It doesn't' seem like enough but I don't think there are words to express what I really feel.  I have ridden horses since before I could walk.  I am currently owned a 21 year old QH/TB mare that has been my companion for the last 14 years - and who I would protect with my life.  Just the idea of a killer auction makes me vomit and you face them multiple times a week to show the world that it has to stop.  Thank you.  Thank you.  There are many of us out here who appreciate you more than we can ever say.


Sue, New Mexico

Animals' Angels is so unassuming and so dedicated.  We will never know how instrumental Sonja Meadows and her team have been in the advancement of Animal Welfare.


Monica, Colorado

Animals' Angels work has been instrumental in exposing the horrors that go on covertly - and recent workshops for cops have resulted in trucks being pulled over for violating codes. AA is there, when the animals have no one else.


Scott, Oregon

Animals’ Angels has played a critical role in the growing momentum of the effort to end the slaughter of American horses for human consumption in foreign countries. Through their inscrutable undercover investigative work, they documented numerous violations of animal welfare and food safety regulations imposed by the European Union on countries that export horse meat to EU member countries. Their efforts led to at least four major retailer pulling North American horse meat from its shelves.


Pearl , Virginia

We must say, you are really a fighter for the animals and to be commended – especially in this day and age!


Jim, Arkansas

Your work is of utmost importance, it exposes the true horrors our farm animals have to endure every single day.


Barbara, New Hampshire

Words can't express how wonderful I think you are. I wish you could be rewarded for the magnificent things you are accomplishing. You have indeed become "angels."


John, Florida

Just send you another $100 donation, thank you so much for all you do. I know these investigations are expensive and I wish I could give more. I can’t tell you how much you have opened my eyes about the atrocities that go on in our backyards. Keep up the good work, the world is a better place because of you.


Maxine, Maine

Reading this Investigation Update brought tears to my eyes. (Yes, where animals are concerned, I'm sentimental, and the idea that they undergo pain and suffering upsets me deeply.) You and your staff are doing such marvelous work that I don't know how to thank you. Every time I see one of your postings I cry, but I thank GOD for Animals Angels, and the horrible work that you do. I have been involved with animals most of my life and I have seen what goes on at the auctions but to have to record this is something I could not stomach. God Bless ALL of you, and keep up this most important work.


Jennifer, New York

Dear Angels, I'm becoming convinced that yours is the only organization out there that is really profoundly making a difference. I like your approach and I'm so proud of your work at Sugar Creek. Keep it up.


Rose, Australia

Animals’ Angels USA, you do a wonderful job, god bless u!


Elaine, New York

This is a terrific report. What you are doing is incredibly important work, and SO badly needed! Thank you and thank you! The photos included in this report serve to remind us all of the torture and abuse that America's at-risk horses go through every day. Only through the work of advocates like you, do these horses have any chance of being treated with care and respect.


Sue, Victoria

Many commendations for the work you do! Congratulations for sticking to it and holding the sick #$%^ who show no respect for any other living thing, accountable. It is a hard and sometimes horrible job to get others to show respect for animals, but know this: Your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by the decent humans on this planet. We do appreciate your tireless efforts. Thank you.


Patty, Arizona

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure will save our horses from slaughter. Keep up the good fight.


Pamela, Idaho

Not many people seem to care about the plight of cow or chicken, but I believe it is because people do not know enough about what they go through before they end up on our plate. Thank you so much for showing people what goes on behind closed doors, for educating them about the weakness of animal protection laws and the conditions during transport. You are true angels!


Diana, Oregon

Thank you for working so tirelessly to save and safeguard the conditions for the animals. Thank you for speaking out for those who speak in a language that many do not hear or care to listen to; thank you for being their advocate here on earth.