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We are a 501c3 so all donations made to AA are tax deductible.

EIN: 20-8780367


What Does Animals' Angels Do?

Animals’ Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Maryland with full-time investigators working throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Our focus is on improving conditions for farm animals.

We work primarily in the field, trailing livestock trucks on highways, visiting markets and auctions, collecting stations, and slaughterhouses.

Animals’ Angels teams are there with the animals every week, conducting hands-on research and investigations. We objectively report observations, document conditions, and expose animal cruelty.

We present our investigation results to auction and slaughter plant management to encourage positive change in the way farm animals are handled during transportation, at auction, and at slaughter. We also share our investigations and documentation of cruelty with law enforcement and government agencies to ensure that violators of animal protection laws are held responsible for their actions. In addition, we strive to raise awareness in the media and among the public about the serious issues affecting farm animals every day.