Animals' Angels Finds Evidence of US Quarter Horses Exported to Russia by Lebanese Livestock Vessel Abou Karim III

For years, Animals' Angels has been investigating the export of US horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.  Documenting the horrors of this predatory industry, our investigators have visited every export facility and border crossing these animals pass through during their last journey. Or so we thought...

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Thundering Hooves Celebrating of the Horse Event - Santa Fe, NM October 18, 2014

What a fantastic day for the horses! Animals' angels attended the 2014 Thundering Hooves Event in Santa Fe to raise awareness about horse slaughter and wild horse issues. Hundreds of people attended the event, many of them previously unaware that American horses are being slaughtered for human consumption.  Sonja Meadows, President of Animals' Angels, gave a speech about current horse slaughter investigations and what can be done to end this predatory industry.  The slaughter horses gathered a whole lot of new support yesterday and we are very proud to have been a part of this remarkable event.

Thundering Hooves Flyer

Animal Welfare Coalition Calls Upon EU Commission to Halt the Import of American Horsemeat

On Friday, July 4th, as Americans around the U.S. celebrated Independence Day, Animals' Angels Inc. in conjunction with its international animal welfare coalition partners, Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA, Belgium), Tierschutzbund Zurich (TSB, Switzerland). Eyes on Animals (Netherlands), L214 (France) and Eurogroup for Animals met with some of the top players at the EU Commission in Brussels to continue pushing forward in the fight for winning the freedom of U.S. horses and spreading much needed advocacy on an international platform.

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Migros Will No Longer Buy Meat From Their Canadian Supplier

Migros, Switzerland's largest retail company & supermarket chain has decided to terminate its contract with Bouvry Exports and will no longer buy meat from the Canadian supplier. The decision was made after Migros was confronted again with horrific images from the Bouvry feedlots provided by Animals’ Angels (AA) and its Swiss partner organization Tierschutzbund Zuerich (TSB).

Animals’ Angels EU Consumer Awareness Campaign huge success!

It has been a month now since the start of our European campaign against horse meat from the Americas. The heartbreaking images from our investigation in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay were show on major new channels in 4 European countries and have created an uproar among consumers, importers and governmental officials. Deen Supermarkets and Coop Supermarkets, two of the largest Dutch grocery chains have pulled all horse-meat products from their shelves indefinitely! In fact, Deen will immediately stop the sale of horsemeat from North and South America altogether!

Transatlantic Campaign Leads to Discount Chain Pulling Horsemeat Products from its Shelves

We are proud to announce the commencement of the largest, transatlantic campaign ever initiated to fight horse slaughter.Aiming once again to target the slaughter industry from the consumer side, a highly influential alliance led by Animals' Angels USA is further exposing, in a new report, the painful conditions and cruelty endured by slaughter horses that become food.  


For Immediate Release: Consumer Deception over Origin of Horsemeat - The Tales of Swiss Retailers and Importers

The Swiss retailers Migros, Denner and Coop and importers like Skin Packing and Jemmely claim to have full traceability of the horsemeat they sell and import. 

“It’s consumer deception”, says Sonja Meadows, president of Animals’ Angels Inc. “The public demands more transparency and honesty from the parties concerned. Consumers are being lied to, even though the intolerable conditions of horsemeat production in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and Canada are known”, Meadows accuses retailers and importers.