Animals' Angels calls for immediate ban of all horsemeat from Argentina and Uruguay

Washington, DC/Frankfurt/Brussels

Animals' Angels (AA) and its European partner Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) are calling on the European Union Commission to ban the importation of horse meat from Argentina and Uruguay. Through in-depth investigative reporting carried out by AWF the agencies have confirmed, once again, that horse slaughter facilities in the two countries are failing to comply with even the most basic of the European Union's animal welfare regulations and traceability requirements endangering not only the health of the horses, but also threatening the safety of unaware consumers across Europe

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Platinum Ticket's Final Ride

Washington, DC, May 18, 2018 -- Animals' Angels is proud to announce the release of the much-anticipated film, 'Platinum Ticket's Final Ride' on Youtube and

Through the powerful story of a once-successful racehourse named Platinum Ticket, this documentary exposes the horrors of the hourse slaughter pipeline.  When the film begins, the gentle gray Thoroughbred finds himself, injured and emaciated, at a low-end auction where he faces being purchased by "kill buyers" determined to squeeze every last cent from his hide by sending him to slaughter.

Update on Horse Slaughter Shipments - Final Figures for 2017

UPDATE:  As the final numbers regarding slaughter horse shipments to both Canada and Mexico have become available, we wanted to share some positive news with you. In addition to reduced shipments to Canada, Mexico has also continued to see a significant decrease over previous years.

In 2017, 17,208 fewer horses were shipped to Canada from the US for slaughter as compared to 2016. It should be noted that 2016 also saw a substantial decrease in shipments from 2015.

What is Horse Slaughter?

In 2015, we worked with the ASPCA to create an educational and moving PSA on horse slaughter which premiered at the 2015 Hampton Classic Horse Show.  Animals’ Angels recently partnered once again with the ASPCA to promote the SAFE Act (2017) and to raise awareness on the issue of horse slaughter. We’re gratified to see our diligent work in the field being utilized to shine a light on this horrific industry.

Watch the PSA video here.


The Hidden Cruelty Behind Livestock Auctions

Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest auctions dealing in horses – New Holland. It is a frequented by kill buyers, individuals whose sole purpose is to purchase horses and ship them to slaughter plants in Canada or Mexico for monetary gain. This particular livestock auction house has a notorious reputation for animal cruelty. There have been countless reports of extreme abuse and neglect.

New Holland Auction Bans Photography

Animals Angels, a Maryland-based group that investigates farm animal cruelty, has conducted undercover filming of the New Holland auctions since 2006. Their work has resulted in three cruelty convictions. The most recent case, ended in January with an auction employee, John King, being convicted for failing to get help for a live pig on the so-called “dead pile” of animals. The pig later had to be euthanized.

EU Campaign Turns the Spotlight on Canada

As stated by Sonja Meadows, who is also the lead investigator for Animals' Angels, "Our investigators have taken and continue to take risks on a weekly basis to obtain the evidence of the illicit and inhumane activities which are endemic in the Canadian horse slaughter industry.

The evidence we are currently presenting to legislators in Europe documents not only the persistent maltreatment of horses, but also, and from their standpoint perhaps more serious, the very grave dangers to the health of their own citizens through the continued import of Canadian horsemeat."

Avaaz Launches "Blood Horse" Petition

"It’s straight out of a horror movie: hundreds of pregnant horses hooked up to blood-draining machines, some so weak they collapse and die. But we can stop this right now.  
The industrial horse torture is driven by European pharmaceutical companies who use the blood to speed up factory farming! The EU has said it’s considering action, but so far nothing has happened.  

"The Kill Pen" by KNOE-8 News Exposes Kill Pen Operations

We were thrilled to see not only the Stanley Brothers’ operations but also the issue of horse slaughter brought before the public by KNOE 8 News in Louisiana. The exposé “The Kill Pen” by KNOE Reporter Tim Bragg, aired in two parts, will surely raise awareness on the inherent cruelty and predatory nature of the horse slaughter industry. We at Animals’ Angels were pleased to be able to assist Mr. Bragg with his research into the Stanley Brothers and just how kill pens and kill buyers operate, as well as what happens “behind the scenes” for horses caught in the slaughter pipeline. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Tim Bragg and KNOE 8 News for airing this detailed report and bringing much needed attention to such an important concern.

Sharp Decline in EU Imports of Horse Meat from Canada

Animals’ Angels, an investigative agency dedicated to animal rights, has announced a sharp decline in horsemeat imports to the European Union and Switzerland from Canada. The organization reports that from January to August 2016, horse meat exports to France, Belgium, and Switzerland from Canada was 27.8 million CAD, a nearly 50% drop from 54 million CAD during the same period in 2015.

As a result of this decreased demand, Animals’ Angels also reports that, according to Canadian import/export data, there’s been a 27% decline of horses imported to Canada from the United States year-to-date.